Some air zombinis.

Air is one theme of Zombinis. There are currently 26. Air trainers would have to purchase sea coffins for Z-Bucks.

Zombinis in AirEdit

Key: M =These Zombinis can be obtained by completing battles at Missions. C = These Zombinis can be purchased at the store. N = These Zombinis are coming soon.


  • Yella Tweeter R1 (M)
  • Fluffy Tweeter R6 (M)
  • Orange Tweeter R3 (M)
  • Green Tweeter R3 (M)
  • Blue Tweeter R10 (M)

Pickens Edit

  • Red Picken R2 (M)
  • Golden Picken (M)
  • Gungy Picken (M)
  • Plukt Picken (M)
  • Lavender Picken R8 (C)


  • White Skork R2 (C)
  • Plukt Skork R5 (C)
  • Black Skork R5 (C)
  • Green Skork R5 (C)
  • Grim Skork R12 (C)

Zukks (N)Edit

  • Blue Zukk R2 (C)
  • Dead Zukk R4 (C)

Squeechas Edit

  • Yella Squeecha R2 (C)
  • Brown Squeecha R2 (C)
  • Blue Squeecha R6 (C)
  • Red Squeecha R8 (C)

Zizzers Edit

  • Brown Zizzer R9 (C)



  • Gumpy's Retreat
  • Ponyhead Rock
  • Sourmilk Canyon
  • Pebble Heights
  • Infirmary Gultch

Skork CreekEdit

  • The Lonely Pool
  • The Ol' Carrion Hill
  • Boggblatter Marsh
  • Mount Chillblain
  • The Grey Reaches


  • Amber Waves of Hate
  • The Golden Stream
  • The Old Tractor
  • Plucky's Prospect
  • Fustration Acres