• Robot746

    Save the Unicrons!!!!!

    August 16, 2012 by Robot746

    A new type of land zombini came out: the unicrons! Unlike regular land zombinis and the previous 2 kroton ship missions, they are only found in the kroton ship. Rescue them!!!!!! Within 14 days, they will be gone, so hurry up!

    The unicrons:

    • Skeezy Unicron R5
    • Derpy Unicron R7
    • Brainrow Unicron R8
    • Mecha Unicron R10
    • Nightmare Unicron R13
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  • Robot746

    Explain what would you spend 1000 Z-bucks here on your comments. I would buy all the sea coffins, 800 brains, then a lot of mystery box spins.

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  • Robot746

    I just checked my spam email. I found something amazing here. It actually wasn't spam. But I think zombinis should have put it in google plus.

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  • Robot746

    MORE Free Brainz!

    July 26, 2012 by Robot746

    Zombinis has given more brains! See this.

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  • Bloonstdfan360

    Free Brains....

    July 24, 2012 by Bloonstdfan360

    I saw this today when I saw something in Zombinis Google Plus page. That you get free Brains by clicking on the links in the posts! Visit the Zombinis Google Plus page today. Zombinis Google Plus Page

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  • Robot746

    My Policies

    July 14, 2012 by Robot746

    If you need help knowing my policies, this blog post will tell you.

    • Vandalism/Spamming: Vandalism is the main cause of blocking. The first time, I will most likely forgive the vandal. After that I will block him/her for a few months. After the block expires, if the vandal continues to vandalize, the block will be extended. If vandalism occures for over 7 times, the block will be permanent.
    • Removing Content from Pages: The more the user removed content, the longer the block will be. If the whole page's content is removed, it might result a block for a year or two.
    • Swearing Profanity/Insulting: Swearing profanity over 3-4 times, as a use to insult, can result in a few-weeks block. Profanity is allowed as long as it is not for taunting other use…

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  • Robot746

    Free interview!

    July 11, 2012 by Robot746

    You may ask me some questions like interviewing me. You may ask however many you want, but follow these rules:

    1. Ask me appropriate questions: I would really appreciate it if this blog post won't be spam. An inappropriate question is like: "Have you wet your pants before?" I will not permit useless questions such as "Will you die in 2 minutes?" TO MANY (7-10) might result in a 2 week block.
    2. Asking non-interview questions is not tolerated: If the question isn't about me, it is spam in comment education questions are an example. If there are too many, this will get deleted.
    3. Clear-answered questions may not be asked: If you already know the answer, or it is obvious, don't ask it. For example: "Do you play with toys?" This is considered disrespect, an…
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