A grave yard is an element that every player has. Every level 1 graveyard can be dug in every 10 minutes. If the
  • A level 1 air graveyard.
  • A necropolis(same for every theme).
  • A level 2 air graveyard.
  • A level 3 air graveyard.
  • A level 4 air graveyard.
  • A level 1 sea graveyard.
  • A level 1 land graveyard.
  • A level 2 sea graveyard.
  • The graveyard icon in the store.
  • A level 2 land graveyard.
  • A level 4 sea graveyard.
  • The instant dig notification.
  • A level 3 land graveyard.
player wants to dig instantly, they have to pay 1 Z-buck. Purchasing better graveyards costs coins.
The graveyards
Graveyard Level Recharge Time Instant Dig Price Price to buy
Level 1 10 min. 1 Z-Buck none
Necropolis 25 min. 2 Z-Bucks 200 coins
Level 2 15 min. 2 Z-Bucks 1000 coins
Level 3 15 min. 3 Z-Bucks 30000 coins
Level 4 15 min. 4 Z-Bucks 100,000 coins
Level 5 15 min. 5 Z-Bucks 500,000 coins

Neighbors' GraveyardsEdit

You may dig your neighbors' graveyards once every ten hours. They will give some coins, or one body part. However they will usually give parts of their theme. Lets say, the player's neighbor is land. When dug, it will either give a small amount of coins, or more commonly a land zombini part. If the necropolis is dug, it will give random items.