Grunk narrows

Grunk Narrows map.

Grunk Narrows is a mission location. There, it features Sea Zombinis called Grunks. All 5 Grunks are in that location.


Jagged RocksEdit

Its Not the HATE its the Humidity; Slippery Steps; Slungy Bits

The Kelp SlungeEdit

Slog Along Casually; Grunk and Go Nuts; Mighty Moist

The Sloggy Bottom Edit

North to a Grunk; Up a Slope; Grunkworth Foyer

Grunkworth SlopesEdit

Wet Gravel FTW; Across the Narrows; Grunk in the Trunk

Grunknar CavernsEdit

Mission Locations
Tweeterwood - Zombunny Hollow - Grunk Narrows - Broonland - Skork Creek - Gupper Bay - The Grizzle Forest - Pickenford - Zoctopot Trench

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