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The leaderboard is an element of the game, where players can attack other players' defense squad. The player automaticly starts with 10 flags. When a player is defeated, he or she will lose a flag, and the attacker will gain a flag. When the player successfully defeats another player, he or she will gain a flag and the victim will lose a flag.


  • If the attacker wins, the victim will gain 12 XP for all zombinis in defense (divided equally).
    • So if there are 1, that zombini will gain 12 XP
    • If there are 2, both zombinis will gain 6 XP each
    • If there are 3, all zombinis will gain 4 XP each
  • If the attacker fails, the victim will gain 10 coins.
  • If a player attacks someone, the victim can choose to retaliate back and gain 1 brain, or ignore.
    • But the original attacker can still retaliate back if the victim retaliates
  • Leaderboard example.
  • Leaderboard button.
  • The training bonuses button.
  • The training bonus menu.