Pickenford Map

Pickenford is a Mission Location. It features Air Zombinis called Pickens. Only 4 out of the 5 Pickens are featured here.


Amber Waves of HateEdit

Purple Mountain Majesty; Dangerous Days; Its Raining

The Golden StreamEdit

Stream Jumped; Up the Incline; Have you Seen my Zombeef?

The Old TractorEdit

Rusty Tractor Tales; Propective Battles, Pluky's Tale

Pluky's ProspectEdit

Pluky's Perspective; Pkukt'd; Rocks or Bust

Frustration AcresEdit

Mission Locations
Tweeterwood - Zombunny Hollow - Grunk Narrows - Broonland - Skork Creek - Gupper Bay - The Grizzle Forest - Pickenford - Zoctopot Trench

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