Tweeterwood is a mission location. It features all five of the tweeters.

Tweeterwoods map.


Gumpy's RetreatEdit

Up and Down; Thorns and stuff; You go here now

Ponyhead RockEdit

It's a dry heat; Angry Beaks; Hard Luck Granite

Sourmilk CanyonEdit

Why not go this way?; Unhappy Trails; Steps and Stones

Pebble heights Edit

Try not to die here; Pebble Depths; Birds, Bones, and Bandages

Infirmary GulchEdit

Mission Locations
Tweeterwood - Zombunny Hollow - Grunk Narrows - Broonland - Skork Creek - Gupper Bay - The Grizzle Forest - Pickenford - Zoctopot Trench

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