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  • I am very angry
  • Robot746

    Save the Unicrons!!!!!

    August 16, 2012 by Robot746

    A new type of land zombini came out: the unicrons! Unlike regular land zombinis and the previous 2 kroton ship missions, they are only found in the kroton ship. Rescue them!!!!!! Within 14 days, they will be gone, so hurry up!

    The unicrons:

    • Skeezy Unicron R5
    • Derpy Unicron R7
    • Brainrow Unicron R8
    • Mecha Unicron R10
    • Nightmare Unicron R13
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  • Robot746

    Explain what would you spend 1000 Z-bucks here on your comments. I would buy all the sea coffins, 800 brains, then a lot of mystery box spins.

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  • Robot746

    I just checked my spam email. I found something amazing here. It actually wasn't spam. But I think zombinis should have put it in google plus.

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  • Robot746

    MORE Free Brainz!

    July 26, 2012 by Robot746

    Zombinis has given more brains! See this.

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  • Robot746

    My Policies

    July 14, 2012 by Robot746

    If you need help knowing my policies, this blog post will tell you.

    • Vandalism/Spamming: Vandalism is the main cause of blocking. The first time, I will most likely forgive the vandal. After that I will block him/her for a few months. After the block expires, if the vandal continues to vandalize, the block will be extended. If vandalism occures for over 7 times, the block will be permanent.
    • Removing Content from Pages: The more the user removed content, the longer the block will be. If the whole page's content is removed, it might result a block for a year or two.
    • Swearing Profanity/Insulting: Swearing profanity over 3-4 times, as a use to insult, can result in a few-weeks block. Profanity is allowed as long as it is not for taunting other useā€¦

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