You may ask me some questions like interviewing me. You may ask however many you want, but follow these rules:

  1. Ask me appropriate questions: I would really appreciate it if this blog post won't be spam. An inappropriate question is like: "Have you wet your pants before?" I will not permit useless questions such as "Will you die in 2 minutes?" TO MANY (7-10) might result in a 2 week block.
  2. Asking non-interview questions is not tolerated: If the question isn't about me, it is spam in comment education questions are an example. If there are too many, this will get deleted.
  3. Clear-answered questions may not be asked: If you already know the answer, or it is obvious, don't ask it. For example: "Do you play with toys?" This is considered disrespect, and can have a short block as a consequence.
  4. You are mature enough to know the rules: I know that you are at least 13. You should know what is respect and disrespect. You know which questions to ask.

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