If you need help knowing my policies, this blog post will tell you.

For Blocking:

  • Vandalism/Spamming: Vandalism is the main cause of blocking. The first time, I will most likely forgive the vandal. After that I will block him/her for a few months. After the block expires, if the vandal continues to vandalize, the block will be extended. If vandalism occures for over 7 times, the block will be permanent.
  • Removing Content from Pages: The more the user removed content, the longer the block will be. If the whole page's content is removed, it might result a block for a year or two.
  • Swearing Profanity/Insulting: Swearing profanity over 3-4 times, as a use to insult, can result in a few-weeks block. Profanity is allowed as long as it is not for taunting other users.
  • Inserting false info: ONE TIME of false info insertation results results in a 1-2 week block, depending how bad the insertation is or how much.
  • Sockpuppet accounts: If a second is created to evade a block or chat ban, the sockpuppet will be blocked infinite if it continues the behavior that breaks the block policy. If the sockpuppet behaves, I will just block them for an hour. This counts for all sockpuppet accounts, so it you have even 20 sockpuppets--banhammer for all accounts.

For Chat Banning/Kicking

  1. Staying inactive for over 30 minutes: If some one doesn't say anything for 20 minutes, I will kick them. When kicked, I will reduce the kick time by 1 minute.
  2. Cursing/Gossiping in chat: This will cause an auto-ban for 2-3 weeks, and a block for a few hours. If it is about a user that is not in chat, or didn't see, I will tell them what happened.
  3. The kick time going under 10 minutes: If I have to kick someone out for over 10 times, I will ban them for 1 day.

NOTE: If you have to go, then say that you will be inactive, and I won't kick or ban.

​For level changing:

Rollback Access Requires:

  • Helping wiki alot, and very active
  • Added over 40 photos
  • The top 20 ranks
  • Created at least 5 pages.
  • No breaking block policy before (expecially vandalism, or profanity)

Sysop Access Requires (max of 4):

  • Added over 60 photos
  • The top 15 ranks
  • Other rules for Rollback

​Bureaucrat Access Requires (max of 2):

How I accept badge hunting:

Badge hunting is tolerated as long as the badge hunter doesn't spam.

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